Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Organized Hawaii different from other companies?
1. We have the best warranty of any of our competitors. Read more about our warranty further down on this page.
2. We use higher grades of hardware including full-extension drawer glides, soft-close door hinges and commercial grade handles that won't corrode. Most companies charge extra for these features.
3. More than 50% of our sales come from past clients or from their friends they referred. This speaks to our committment to customer service.
4. We offer the largest selection in the state with 22 colors and 9 door styles so we can easily match your home's decor.
5. Our design proposal are more extensive and detailed than any other company so you'll see exactly what you're getting for your investment.
6. For the ultimate in "green" we offer Plus Panels which qualify for LEED points because no urea formaldehyde is used in the manufacturing process.
Q: Are all "Lifetime Warranties" equal? How is yours different.
A: No, they are not all equal. Unfortunately the term is used very loosely but we take it very seriously. When we say that we guarantee your product for as long as you own your home we mean it. Our lifetime warranty covers the product through normal wear-and-tear as well as our installation and craftsmanship. If you ever see a quality issue with the materials or if we make a mistake we'll fix it or replace it for as long as you own your home. Period.

Other companies may offer a "lifetime warranty" where their manufacturer will replace defective components. What they may not tell you is that you'll have to pay to have those defective components replaced because they only warranty their installation work for a short period of time. If you have warranty issues in year three then the replacement materials may be free but you may get charged to repair it. Always ask detailed questions about any company's warranty.
Q: What is your lead time?
A: Typically 2-4 weeks depending on our shipment schedule and how far out we're booked for installations.
Q: Do you do estimates on neighbor islands?
A: Yes we do. Please contact us for details.
Q: I'm worried about laminates over particle board. What should I know?
A: We build with laminates on a particle board core and wood veneers over a plywood or particle board core. Because of the cost differential about 90% of our work is laminates with particle board. Having built with both, we actually find the engineered particle board to be a superior material for many applications.

There are different grades of particle board and the type you typically find at home improvement stores is a lower grade which is lighter, less dense and more susceptible to moisture and humidity. The laminate on those boards are usually just paper glued to the panel so any contact with moisture will cause the boards to swell and eventually crumble.

Our laminates are engineered with higher density panels that are less likely to sag and are not affected by ambient moisture. The laminate on our product is "thermofused" which means it's applied with heat and pressure and in the process is sealed so that the surface actually repels water. We have installed hundreds of projects in homes near the ocean as well as in high-humidity areas like Manoa and Maunawiliwili and have never had an issue with our products being affected by humidity.

We also stand behind our product with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your home. We also build with plywood core for our wood veneer projects so clients are always welcome to upgrade if necessary.
Q: My home is under construction. Is it still possible to get a quote?
A: Yes. We can always start with blueprints to create a general design direction for the project. Once the studs are up we can get preliminary measurements because even the most accurate blueprints can vary from the final layout and dimensions. Once the drywall is installed we can come back for final measurements. At that time we would order the materials and can install 2-4 weeks after that.
Q: I've had issues with termites. How do your products hold up?
A: While no wood-based products are "termite proof" we've been in business since 2004 and have installed in excess of 8,000 different projects for clients all over Oahu and the neighbor islands. We have never had an incident with termites.

While our panels are made with recycled and recovered wood particles they are engineered using resins and various additives in the binding process. This makes our panels less appealing to termites than the solid wood found in your home's framing or trim.
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